Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why its important to preserve Hinduism

Everything that started has to end and in the race the best will survive so why is there any need to preserve Hinduism? Is it for the sake of saving a religion? after all many religions are extinct now, in fact many civilizations have died over time. First of all there may be many people who will say that Hinduism is not in the position to be extinct but believe me with the current decrease in Hindu population (by converting forcefully or not, by killing hindu in various countries) sooner or later Hinduism will be extinct. Its time that we should protect the knowledge. Here are the reasons why Hinduism Wisdom should be protected:

1. My firm believe is that Hindu Gods (the minor gods like Indra, Varun, Agni and others) were in reality Aliens who landed on Earth thousands of years ago and helped our civilization. That is the reason why Harrappa and Mohan Jodaro was so advanced. They even taught scientific knowledge to our people which is hidden in our Vedas (I will write on them individually later). Now the problem is that other dominant religions says that their God is single and he/she created the Earth and put man on earth, so if there is any evidence of Aliens then the root of those religions will be shaken. But if we want to find intelligent life form outside Earth then we must read and decipher Vedas as it contains a lot of verses which directly point towards Aliens.

2. Hinduism is the only religion which gives Man the power to question his God. There is whole Verse in Rig Veda where the chant asks the God about his authenticity (more I will discuss in future posts).

3. Hinduism has lots of tales which have information on Various advance weapons and ships. In fact all the technology which is stated in Various religious books are now being developed. Somehow our fore fathers were able to get that technology and they used it too.

There are many more points which I will discuss on this blog in coming days. I will support all my comments with respective Verse which I will scan from Different Religious books of Hinduism and upload here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Begining

Everything has a beginning, except one single person (or thing or energy) which we know as GOD. The beginning of GOD is unknown and we will never know about it, as if we know how God was created then why will we call him/her GOD????

Anyway, this discussion is not on GOD but about beginning. as I started earlier everything has a beginning and that beginning was in the fraction of second. Even people say that they have spent countless hours on anything but the real beginning was when they got the idea and that idea came to them in fraction of second. Similarly the universe beginning was within a fraction of second, the Big Bang, when the Universe and time was created.

It all started with Idea. According to Hindu Religion, God was idle and a thought struck his mind. I am one, lets become many, and with this idea he expanded to form the universe with his energy. Similarly if we consider that the Universe's creation was done by God, then there should be an idea, an idea to create something. Now the question rises what was before that? That is a big mystery which I don't think we will ever be able to solve.

Idea, this was also the base for this blog. I have seen many sites which tried to speak about their religion but the drawback of those site is that they always criticize other religion to say their religion is good. I was not able to see any single intellectual who could present Hinduism properly, there are lot of people who are talking about merits of Hinduism but they all are doing it for their own benefit, we call them Guru. While the intellectual persons are devoting their time to be recognized as Secular, and the easiest way for them to be recognized as secular is to by criticizing their own religion. So the idea struck into my mind that why not try to create a platform where I will not talk about things which are useless but are taught by Gurus just to make followers or speak bad about own religion or any other religion to gain cheap popularity. Since my view on religion is different and I see things in different perspective. Over time I will share all my thoughts with some related text from different books on this blog.

Back to the idea, the idea which came to my mind was very instantaneous and I postponed it a lot but now I have decided to devote some time to it. So here is my blog with something new coming over time. I hope that I will be able to bring some new light on mythology with the view of science.

Till then bye....